Would you like to eat on a table of petals in your garden? Now it is possible ... but these are stone petals!
This modular element called Petal: you can compose continuous serpentine tables, circles, segments, oval, symmetrical or asymmetrical figures, according to the need or fantasy. The object is a section of table, multiples of which allow you to build a theoretically infinite number of configurations thanks to the harmonious mating both in the circular as well as rectilinear configuration creating decorative sculptural tables in an open spaces.
A Meccano/Lego-like simplified approach afford two different mating possibilities, allowing for a straight as well as circular configuration of the table.
Every Petal corresponds to a place and with every petal you also have one sitting element: Stilla. A Petal weighs about 140 kg and Stilla about half. You can create a table with a single Petal, and add more elements to reach the desired optimal configuration.

Petal is engineered to remain in the configuration you decide rather than be reconfigured often. Its weight lends itself to stability but it can be reconfigured with the help of a forklift should the need arise using the holes designed for this purpose. Do not attempt the "she loves me -she loves me not" either... it's not that kind of petal...